Independent business advice

As a former business manager and accountant fiscalist, we read your figures, strategy, organization and projects like no other: simply from daily practice.

30 years of experience in this subject taught us what is applicable and what delivers results, and what a beautiful but impracticable theory is.

So whether it’s the measurement of results of branches, departments or products; converting, remodeling or repelling them; the analysis and optimization of cash flow; troubleshooting and bottlenecks; the analysis of balance and financing structures; valuation exercises; creation of shareholder value; budgets; …

We come with a diplomatic, practical approach and provide you with applicable solutions. We can also put them into practice if you wish.

Hands-on management

Many years of experience as business and department leader, both in multinationals and SMEs, create a bond with leadership and the managing workflow. In case of temporary capacity problems; need for specialized know-how; crisis situations; Investing in new activities, divestment of branches or branches, company sales, … we will take care of the project together with you.

You keep your hands free for the day-to-day business. You are only confronted with the strategy, progress and result.
Projects can differ from a sporadic intervention of several hours to a few days a week. Always according to strict planning.

With all that, we sell know-how and experience, and no learning curves.

Corporate sales

We guide you from A to Z in the realization of your life work. With external expansion through acquisitions, we take your needs into account, not the market offer.
Trading funds or shares, included or excluded real estate, it makes no difference.
All in absolute discretion, taking your wishes into account and where necessary in close cooperation with your trusted advisors.

Timeline corporate sales: